The Cyber High student management system was designed with two guiding principles:

  1. It must be easy to use.
  2. It must effectively drive instruction.

Ease of Use

Cyber High's goal is to create an easy-to-use management and course delivery system that provides all of the features you need to effectively increase student achievement. Overly complex competitive systems require extensive training and slow your progress. Cyber High works with you, not against you!

Effectively Drive Instruction

As an online course provider owned and operated by the Fresno County Superintendent of Schools, our program offers something that our competitors cannot: a group of highly skilled educators approving our courses, driving our features, and standing behind our product. Cyber High offers all of the management features you need to track and monitor student progress and individualize student needs:

  • Progress Tracking and Monitoring: Easy to use calendar features, notifications, and alerts that notify teachers and parents when a student is getting behind. Want a progress report emailed each Friday or every two weeks? You decide when, how, and what information you want to receive about each student.
  • Student Lists and Tracking: Innovative tools provide teachers with snapshot glances of student performance at any given time. Teachers can view individual or group data at a high level or a very detailed one that includes the concepts or standards with which the student is struggling.
  • Clear and customizable Reports: District and school administrators, principals, counselors, and teachers have access to a wide range of reports, including customizable reports to view, aggregate, and disaggregate that data to see the detail needed.
  • School and Student Preferences: Stay in control of what your student is doing by setting preferences for your school or for each individual student.
  • Collaborate and Share with Other Teachers: Forums for communicating with other Cyber High teachers, messaging options, sharable calendars, and more greatly enhance your Cyber High experience.
  • Real-Time Communication: Text, chat, and email have redefined the way we communicate but, more importantly, it has become the primary way our students communicate. The online and offline chat options, along with internal and external email, will help teachers and parents motivate students and build supportive relationships.
  • Parental Communication: Cyber High facilitates parent engagement by offering an optional Family Portal where parents can login and see real-time updates of their student's progress and communicate with their student's teacher and/or counselor.

Easy to Navigate Student Tracking
Customized Reports to Disaggregate Student Data