Cyber High offers at-risk students the ability to obtain credits towards high school graduation.

For example, Cyber High recently supported a school district that saw over 400 courses passed in their summer credit recovery program. The program was a huge success and provided students an opportunity at academic achievement.

Cyber High is also pleased to annouce the introduction of our first dropout prevention course designed for at-risk students called Dimensions of Culture. We will continue to grow our course offering in this area to meet the needs of those students struggling in the traditional classroom.

In addition, Credits earned in core a-g approved courses open doors to students wishing to pursue a college education through the UC and CSU systems.

Cyber High also offers students the ability to earn full or partial credit.

Full Credit

  1. Cyber High courses consist of five Units worth five semester credits. Once a student completes a course with a 60% score or higher, Cyber High automatically sends a student grade report the following work day after completion. It is mailed directly to the school's registrar.

  2. Through an individualized, asynchronous approach to credit recovery, at-risk students can earn credit in a relaxed environment free from the social pressures associated with traditional methods. Students needing full credit can utilize the Unit-based, modular structure to gain confidence as they progress through the subject matter.

Partial Credit

Sometimes a student only needs a few credits in a particular subject area. Due to the modular nature of Cyber High courses, students can earn partial credit and complete their requirements much more quickly.


In addition, Cyber High offers a number of features designed to assist struggling students in obtaining subject matter proficiency, such as:

Academic Plus

Cyber High includes Academic Plus, a scaffolding feature that offers students foundational support for concepts that might be difficult for them to understand. While working through a course, students struggling with a particular concept can utilize Academic Plus, which will provide them with additional material related to the topic they are studying. It might be additional content, material pulled from a lower level Cyber High course, an instructional video, etc.

Note: Academic plus is in addition to the original content, not a replacement of the original content.

Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base is another feature that students can use to help them better understand instructional material in Cyber High courses. It is similar to Academic Plus in that students looking for more information about a particular subject can use the searchable database of concepts organized by subject area to find foundational material that will help them better understand what they are learning.

Instructional Videos

Cyber High also includes a database of over 1,300 videos which appear for students throughout all courses. These videos are designed to further explain the material and to present it in an alternative and potentially more engaging format, particularly for visual learners. This database of videos is independently searchable to support independent learning.