Learn and Earn

With the self-paced nature of Cyber High, students can progress at their own speed, participate in performance based learning projects, and collaborate with other students all from the comfort of their homes, coffee shops, or school labs; Cyber High is accessible from virtually anywhere a school allows students to study--even on mobile devices.

Cyber High courses consist of modular Units, and this division of work acts as a stepping stone to success. With each completed Unit, students experience a sense of achievement and develop an incentive toward course completion. This model adapts to their individualized learning levels and paces.

Create and Upgrade Avatars

Cyber High provides extrinsic motivators in the form of gamification elements. Students have the ability to create avatars (specifically for participation in collaborative projects), tag names, and to earn badges as they navigate through the curriculum.

As students complete assignments they earn points, and these points provide students with the opportunity to "upgrade" their avatar characters with features that are "locked" until the student earns enough points to access each upgrade option.

Earn Badges

Students can also earn badges for more challenging activities; for example, students who receive 100% on a quiz the first time it is taken will receive a badge for that accomplishment. These badges are displayed on the student's homepage on what is called a "Leaderboard," and as students earn badges and points, their positions on the Leaderboard increase. Using gamification methodology, we've developed an algorithm to assure that when logged into the system, the student is always displayed on the Leaderboard and their placement is with students of similar standing and ability so that it isn't too difficult or too easy to upgrade their placement on the Leaderboard. We have found that students have responded positively to this feature and are actively utilizing it throughout their coursework.

Suiting Styles

While some students might prefer learning from a textbook, others prefer to use computers or tablets, watch instructional videos, get instant feedback on their work, participate in project-based learning activities, etc. Either way, the goal is to master the standards and with Cyber High, they can choose from various methods of instruction to learn in ways most effective for them.

Preparation for the Future

Our curriculum prepares students to be successful in their future academic pursuits as well as for their entry into a globalized, competitive workforce. Students are given projects to complete to help them engage with the content, better understand the material, and to work in a collaborative environment using 21st century web tools and multimedia. Students are given access to tools that help them create websites, digital presentations, blogs, wikis, videos, podcasts, etc., and they can respond to feedback and comments left by peers online/within special forums set up for them and contained solely within our delivery system.